Monday, May 7, 2007

I own an extensive collection of beautiful vintage photographs. As an artist myself, I often hesitate to use the original photographs, because once they're gone, they're gone for good. I treasure them too much to part with them.

Often the originals are so aged and delicate that they’re brittle, torn or tearing, warped or stiff, or in an otherwise distressed condition -- and as a result, just too difficult to work with.

Camera Obscura's goal is to supply high-quality, professionally printed reproductions of vintage photographs, as true to the originals as possible, for artists to use in their own mixed-media, collage, assemblage, and altered-photo artwork.

[the process]
The original photographs are scanned at 300 dpi, true to color. The entire photo is scanned, including the borders and edges. I then do a minimal amount of retouching to reduce dust, major tears, or discoloration and flaws that have developed over the years.

The reproductions are professionally printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, that, quoth the lab, "with its 108 year rating ... will last for generations to come." Each print is inspected and approved by me prior to listing.

[the benefits]
Because these are reproductions, each photograph is available in unlimited number –- you can use your favorites repeatedly –- even multiples of one image in a single work. I can offer you the same image in a range of sizes and finishes, and in the original color, black & white, or even a tint.

The Fuji paper tears cleanly, allowing you to create deckle-type edges. Any number of adhesives can be used to affix them to your base. Ink and paint adhere well to the surface. And, for those of you who use beeswax, these photos will withstand it! Too often the high temperature of the beeswax process will ruin an original photo, pulling the image right off the backing, or else the photo itself is too heavy or warped to successfully fix it to a surface with the wax.

These photographs are beautiful works of art in their own right, touching or funny moments captured in time; presented in either a simple modern frame or decorative antique one, any one of these images would make a wonderful gift.

[the options]
CameraObscura welcomes special orders and variations. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to order any photographs --

- With a gloss finish
- As a black & white reproduction
- Tinted a particular color for your project
- At a specific size
- Without the original border
- On metallic photo paper
- On archival fine art paper (as opposed to photo paper)
- With more of a white border, for framing, to add to your collection, or give as a gift
- In quantity with bulk-pricing discounts
… or ask me about any other ideas or requests you might have.

If you'd like a sample on which to test your collage techniques, just contact me.

[the future]
As my collection grows, so will my listings. I hope to expand to include:
- original vintage photos
- high-resolution scans of vintage letters and postcards as digital files on CD
- additional supplies such as vintage albums, album pages, photo-postcards, vintage photo souvenir-sets, and more.

[terms of use]
All original photographs are part of my private collection. The photographic reproductions you purchase via Etsy may be used in any manner you wish in your own artwork, or simply as an addition to your photography collection. All artwork using these images may be resold and reproduced under your own terms. However, please do not copy, resell, or distribute the unmodified reproductions themselves for profit.

The “CameraObscura” watermark is on the display photos only. Display photos copyright CameraObscura, and may not be reproduced under any circumstances without prior permission.


Lost & Found Photos
( is the companion blog to this one, with many, many more photographs from my collection -- my favorites. I do not keep reproductions of those images on hand, but should you see a photo for which you would like a reproduction, contact me, and I can have a custom print made for you.

CameraObscura is a Vendor Member of ZNE: variaZioNE Mixed-Media Art Group

Please visit my other shop,, where I sell my own mixed-media drawings, paintings, collages, ACEOs, ex libris, and original photographs.

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